The Even Bigger News!

HBB (HellBound Books) has tentatively agreed to publish my short story collection, “Mumbling Darkly,” which I currently am working to finish. Becky Narron told me James Longmore would most likely print it for me, but insisted on a word count increase. He wants 90k words! That’s novel length. My original mss. was less than 40k. I am pushing over 57k at the moment, and shouldn’t have too much trouble reaching 90k, but it means a lot of work, (a lot more work), some story re-working, and consequently, the complete emptying of my #Smashwords account (4 existing stories).

Nonetheless, I am very excited and believe that my work will get far more attention in book form, and backed by a publisher, than it has on it’s own. All my stories on Smashwords are currently free, and can be accessed with this link:  As soon as I know I have a new contract with HBB, I will have to pull them–they will no longer be available here, and will no longer be free. But the will be part of something much bigger, something I’ve been working on for a long time.

Encompassing the perimeters of almost all of my completed short stories, this collection will be a mix of my best horror, dark comedy, and the ludicrously macabre. Some of these stories are brand new, while others have been locked away from the public eye for too long, and will be making their debut. There is no release date set, and I do not have a deadline of any sort, but i am pushing to get this done, and hope to submit for a final review soon.

#Amtrying. #Amwriting. #Horror and tales of the truly #macabre!