The Big–Not So Big–News


Mumbling Darkly isn’t going to happen. This was the title I had chosen for a collection of my short stories. Weary of waiting on HellBound Books after several months (as I was going to try submitting again in 2019), and hearing nothing encouraging, I decided to ask Mr. James Longmore if he was still interested in publishing it. To my delight, he said, “no,” and agreed with my suspicions that short story collections–particularly from unknowns such as myself–just aren’t selling these days.

Believe it or not, I was ecstatic when he told me I should follow my instincts and submit as many stories to as many places as I can right now (and try to get a novel out). Believe it or not, this was exactly what I wanted to hear. Originally it was my hope to publish this collection way back in April. HBB told me I would have to wait until next year. I said I would. And I did. And I’ve written one complete and two half stories  in this amount of time. Meanwhile, I’ve been sitting on almost twenty stories very few people to almost none at all have ever seen. And, some of them are damned good, I believe.And I want to share them!

I just submitted two stories from the collection over the weekend, and I am expecting a reply for a story I wrote over the summer any time, now. Also, I just saw–in a post from The Horror Tree–that Shock Totem is going to be back in circulation and is currently accepting submissions. I think I got a story for them, too, one I believe less likely to be rejected then the last one I tried (a few years back).

So, I’m going to try it. I might even try submitting to Cemetery Dance (yeah, right). But, I’ve got lots of stories, and it’s my intention to flood the market. I feel strongly that this is the right thing to do. Now, if I could just nail down a damned novel…

finalpaul - Copy - Copy

(This illustration, by the talented Lindsey J. Rantz, was originally created for my short story, Icarus Ascending. It had been my hope to use it for Mumbling Darkly. But, alas.)