Shadows in the Witching Glass


February eighth is the official release date of my first collection of short stories entitled, Shadows in the Witching Glass. The title derives its name from “The Witching Glass,” which first appeared in HellBound Books’ The Devil’s Hour (June 2019).

Of the eighteen stories included in this collection, “The Witching Glass” is easily the scariest if I were asked to pick one. It has gotten some good feedback. I know Clark Roberts enjoyed it, anyway. Another story, “A Little Respect,” first published in Death’s Head Press’ Dig Two Graves, Volume 1, garnered some surprising attention. In a review published in Sci-Fi Scary, Sci-Fi & Horror Reviews, News and More, (November 23, 2019), “A Little Respect” was chosen by Suz Jay as one of six favorites out of the anthology’s twenty-two stories. That blew me away, as “A Little Respect” is  one of the very first horror stories I’ve ever written. I had not expected it to do so well.

True, seven of these stories have been previously published elsewhere. Four of them were only ever available in the murky swamps of Smashwords (where your stories and your soul go to die). One is actually available here on this website (for how long, I don’t know). But, five of these tales have never been published anywhere–these are exclusive to this Terror Tract publication. Most of them are older stories, though one, King of the Brownies, was written specifically for this collection, and I’m dying for somebody to read it.

Pre-orders for Shadows in the Witching Glass on Kindle are available right now on Amazon. Becky Narron assures me a paperback version  will be available on the eighth. I crave feedback–like any writer worth his salt–and I’m looking forward to some thorough, if not good reviews. I believe anyone picking up a copy will find one or two stories in my collection they absolutely love, three or four rather fun, and the remaining stories worth their hard-earned money. A jumble of older and newer stories, some ludicrous, some frightening, and some frighteningly ludicrous, this is a novel length-collection at almost 90k words. Give it a look-see, and I hope you enjoy it.


Thomas S. Gunther




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