Thomas S. Gunther

Thomas S. Gunther loves horror, the macabre, and the absurd. While he has a wide range of reading and writing interests, the majority of his published work dwells in this realm. Always a late bloomer–the daydreamer, the fool–he once pursued a degree in education while he scratched out a living as a copywriter and performing other fruitless gigs.

Today, Thomas lives with his wife in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Their first year in the city saw the deaths of both beloved cats, but today they are raising a Pit Bull (holy terror from hell, God help us all!), as well as their youngest grandson, which makes for some rough, chaotic days. Employed by a local tree farm (nursery), Thomas carries the official title of aquatic transfer engineer (which is a bullshit title for making sure all the plants, trees, and shrubs get lots of water, unless they don’t need that much water, which makes shit complicated and stressful). While his mind is constantly musing over new yarns, he does most of his writing during the off season when he is laid off for the winter months.

With the advent of Terror Tract, Thomas S. Gunther found himself writing a regular column every month (the ezine went quarterly this year, however). Always waiting until the last minute for inspiration, “Tom’s Terrible Thoughts” often prove to be just that: terrible. He also conducts interviews for the ezine under the heading, “Gunther Gets the Goods.”

Like most writers, Thomas was inspired by the greats. His published stories may even, from time to time, reflect elements of Clive Barker, Harlan Ellison, Stephen King, and Jack London (at least he likes to think so). If nothing else, he claims these writers helped shape his aspirations. And, honestly, these are just a handful of his favorite writers, and only a small reflection of influences. More importantly, though, he hopes his work makes his readers cringe, cry, or even laugh. He hopes his readers are entertained and find a reason to seek out another story he has penned.

He is currently working on a novel entitled, Nine Mile Road



Icarus Ascending / Demons, Devils, and the Denizens of Hell (

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Deranged /  Big Book of Bootleg Horror, Volume 2 (

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Fall Into Madness / Monsters Vs. Nazis (


The Butcher Knife Kid / Big Book of Bootleg Horror, Volume 4 (


Deviant / Deep Fried Horror, January Edition, 2019 (


Poetry / Essays

“Beautiful,” “Mr. Possum Eats at Home,” “Tree Farm in Springtime” / Lacing Words (


“Notes of Sweet Apathy” and “When Everything Was Crows” / Lacing Words: Stitching Shadows (


Recently released!

A Little Respect / Dig Two Graves, Volume 1 / Death’s Head Press (


The Witching Glass / The Devil’s Hour / HellBound Books (

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Ed Flint and the Tunnels Beneath the Ketchup Castle/Terror Tract ezine/November, 2019

Release date, February 8th, 2020 Shadows in the Witching Glass/Terror Tract Publications, LLC. 18 short stories.

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Coming soon!

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